Sia Karamalegos

Web developer, international conference speaker, workshop instructor, and community organizer. I like to make the web fast.

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This Dot Media State of the Web

23 Aug 2022 Panel: State of Web Performance August 2022

In this month’s “State of” event, we’re bringing you the State of Web Performance. We will be talking with Community members, library authors and maintainers to discuss community initiatives, how to identify Performance challenges, metrics to measure and resources to help you.

Amsterdam, NL
28 Oct 2022 103 Early Hints at Shopify

103 Early Hints allow us to preconnect and even preload resources before the main document arrives. Come learn how the partnership between Shopify, Google, and Cloudflare led to this performance breakthrough, how Shopify is continuing to experiment with it at scale, and thoughts on what the future holds.

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