Sia Karamalegos

Web developer, international conference speaker, workshop instructor, and community organizer. I like to make the web fast.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

All Things Open Meetup

Durham, NC, USA
05 Apr 2023 Diving into Dev Tools for performance

Performance is important. Tooling can be hard. Do flame charts and waterfalls intimidate you? Come learn how to use common performance tools such as Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, and We'll profile several websites with different performance issues to illustrate how to use each tool. In this talk, I'll live-profile several sites to help you see how to approach performance analysis. It's best if you already know how to use the Chrome Dev Tools inspector, but we will approach the performance tools from a beginner's starting point. Attendees should be comfortable with HTML at a minimum.

CityJS Athens

Athens, GR
29 May 2023 To be determined...

Stay tuned for the details!

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