Hi, I'm Sia Karamalegos.

Sia Karamalegos

I'm a freelance web developer, performance engineer, and a co-organizer for the Eleventy Meetup. I'm also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, and a Stripe Community Expert. As a developer, I love building things that help make people's lives easier. Check out Coder Ipsum for a fun developer-inspired ipsum text generator.

As a person, I also love making developer's lives easier through teaching, speaking, and mentoring. You can find more information about me and the topics I speak about on my speaking page. I talk about front-end topics such as web performance, JavaScript, and the Jamstack.

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I implement end-to-end performance management, from audits and improvements to long-term management with CI. Whether onsite or remote, I can provide training tailored for your team and project technology.

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I'm an international conference speaker and organizer and available to speak at your event or at your company. Topics include web performance, JavaScript, the Jamstack, and Eleventy. Learn more about my speaking.

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