Cloudinary AVIF, caching fonts on Netlify, and Google Analytics 4

Newsletter published on 25 Jul 2021

New post on AVIF in Cloudinary #

As promised, here's my quick post giving you some extra details about using AVIF with Cloudinary. It includes demos of course as well as details on the transformation costs: What to know about AVIF on Cloudinary.

Caching fonts on Netlify #

In case you missed it, last week I realized that Netlify doesn't automatically cache font files. I had assumed it, and you know what assuming does... 🍑👯

Luckily, there is an easy fix - in your netlify.toml file, set the max-age:

for = \"/fonts/*\"
Cache-Control = \"public, max-age=31536000\"

Combing Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 #

I'm still learning what's new in Google Analytics 4. I have both tags on my site. I finally started exploring the GA4 dashboard, and I'm impressed.

I'll be happy to remove the legacy GA tag from my site after:

In the meantime, I learned that you can load just one analytics JS library and initialize both tags in the same snippet.

Fare thee well my frens.

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