Eleventy ecommerce site, WebPageTest AMA, and did anyone say Legos?

Newsletter published on 02 Feb 2022

Digital e-commerce talk for the Eleventy Meetup #

I'm excited to share a new talk and project with you! I'm building out a shop for my arts/crafts website for digital downloads. One of my hobbies was to design crochet patterns and create coloring pages. I have shops on Etsy but always wanted to self-host one as well (IndieWeb, amiright?).

The talk is on February 10 at 1pm Eastern - you can get all the details on the Eleventy Meetup site.

It's a sneak peek into a longer video or live stream series that I'm working on with my friend Matt Ling from Stripe. So stay tuned for that info too!

The Web Almanac AMA presented by WebPageTest #

Last week I was on a panel of Web Almanac contributors where we answered a lot of questions about the process and the findings from last year. Check out the recording now on YouTube.

New massive hobby #

Since the pandemic began, my Lego sets seem to be proliferating. :sweat_smile: I thought I would regret some of it but the modular buildings just keep getting cooler and cooler so now I'm going to go ahead and build a Lego city!!!! If this sounds like fun, follow my new Lego-insta or check out my new website I just built in a day. Buh-bye, money!

Until next time, my friends!

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