Eleventy Meetup, Polywork, and MOAR in-person events

Newsletter published on 30 Jun 2021

New Eleventy Meetup #

I'm super excited to announce a brand new virtrual meetup I'm co-organizing with Vince Falconi and Stephanie Eckles on Eleventy!

I was on a focus group for GDE's who have also run DevFests when I realized that while the pandemic made in-person and regional meetup attendance go down, it actually increased reach for meetups focused on a particular technology. Thus blossomed my Eleventy meetup idea.

How has the pandemic affected your tech community, both good and bad?

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Does Polywork make me look cool? #

I am still trying to figure out this latest career/social media app. If you're a fan, check out my timeline. Also, let me know your profile so I can follow you! It seems to be great for folks like me that don't seem to stick to one lane while driving our careers. It's also giving me ideas for yet another website redesign. What are your thoughts on it?

New article update coming soon #

One thing I love about the GDE program is the web performance sub-grouping. Occasionally we get to chat with the internal teams about the latest news and thinking. One deep-dive we talked about was web fonts, so stay tuned for an updated post on web fonts!


Last week I told you about my performance workshop at Connect.Tech in November. I'll also be giving it and more talks at both UberConf in Denver, CO in October and The Progressive Web Experience in Clearwater, FL in December.

Love, peace, and hair grease!

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