Hello, world! Serverless functions, in-person workshops, and image resolution

Newsletter published on 24 Jun 2021

In case you didn't have enough newsletters in your inbox, I've decided to add another to the crowd. :) I plan to keep these short and sweet because who has time to really read all that email???

New Content #

I often do talks for newer developers, and learning what serverless is like and what it is capable of is something I wished I had seen when I was in my bootcamping days. I wrote up the live demo as a tutorial to help folks try it out on their own:

Going Intergalactic with Serverless Functions on Netlify - Get started going serverless with Netlify functions and Netlify-CLI for keeping secrets secret

Events #

Next week I'll be giving the above-mentioned talk on serverless functions in Netlify to Social Hackers Academy, the first tech education school in Athens for vulnerable groups. The event is virtual on June 30, 2021, and you can the event details and zoom link on the event page.

I'll be teaching a Web Performance Workshop at Connect.Tech this year! It's live and in person in Atlanta, November 8-10, 2021. Register now for the early bird discount.

Cool Stuff by Other Folks #

I love the Jamstack, and am looking forward to Celebrating 2 years: Jamstack Growing Up, Intro to GROQ and Automation w/ GitHub Actions the Jamstack Toronto virtual meetup on 6/29.

This week I did a deep-dive on images. The Serving sharp images to high density screens post by Jake Archibald was helpful as I refactored an image element to a picture tag with DPR media queries!

Older but related to the above, with many phones now with 3x screens, how high of a DPR should we actually target? These posts are helpful:

Also, Yoav Weiss wants to get an origin trial going soon for setting a max DPR cap on images.

Finally, Andy Bell's Tips and notes about freelancing is great evergreen advice. Freelance opportunities indeed seem to be growing right now.

That's all folks!

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