Livestreams and key web perf metrics

Newsletter published on 30 Aug 2022

Hey folks, this week I have a few livestreams for you and a new article...

Key web performance metrics #

I'm working on a performance-focused website for Shopify. Currently, it's an experiment and we'd love for it to get wider adoption. We're going to focus the content on web performance in general but also specific to Shopify. Since we'll have a lot of merchants use it, we need to have some beginner-friendly content. As such, one of the first articles I wrote for it is a beginner's guide to the key web performance metrics in 2022. Let me know what you think of the site and the article!

Recording from last week's web perf panel #

If you missed the State of Web Performance panel from last week, the recording is now live.

Two livestreams this week! #

Today at 1pm EDT, my team at Shopify and I will be on the WebPageTest twitch livestream to discuss our new team, web performance, and web performance at Shopify (details).

On Friday, I'm joining Domitrius Clark on the Jamstack discord to talk about web perf, Jamstack, Eleventy, owning your own content, and more (details).

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