New job, stream today, more events!

Newsletter published on 23 Aug 2022

Hey folks, it's been a while! Things have been cooking in my world lately and I'm finally coming up for air. My biggest news is that I started a new job at Shopify helping merchants with their web performance. I'm excited for the opportunity to impact performance on a larger scale. On that note...

State of Web Performance livestream today! #

In just a few hours, I'll be participating on a panel with other folks in the industry. Sign up now so you can check us out at 12:00 pm Eastern today. conference is back! #

I'm really excited that is finally back after a pandemic hiatus. If you want to hang out with a ton of folks who are passionate about web performance, come join us in Amsterdam. I'll be speaking about 103 Early Hints.

New articles coming soon #

We're starting an experiment on my team which involves writing a lot of content on web performance. Stay tuned in the next few weeks - we hope to launch the site soon, and I already have 3 articles written for it.

Also, the Web Almanac is getting closer to launch this year. Follow HTTPArchive to keep up with the chapter launches.

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