Newish post, Hurricane Ida, and moving

Newsletter published on 09 Sep 2021

Build that blog already!

I wrote a new post but didn't tell y'all about it because a whole hurricane happened since then. Want some inspiration to finally build that blog of yours? Check out Build that blog already.

Hurricane Ida

This is non-technical but life content. Unfortunately, it's my entire life at the moment so bear with me as I take a moment to share my story and some info.

In case you haven't heard, Hurricane Ida ravaged southeast Louisiana and then continued a path of destruction across the U.S. including flash floods in New York City. I evacuated for about 5 days then returned to no electricity for another 4 days. I only lost a few things luckily.

New Orleans is currently a mess, and many folks suffered through an extended blackout during high heat warnings. Despite this, we're actually lucky compared to the parishes hit head-on.

Driving back was heartbreaking as I saw the destruction in the bayou parishes west of New Orleans. You can't see many buildings from the highway - it's mostly forests, bayous, and swamp land. The forests now look like a bunch of broken twigs sticking up out of the earth. It's like a giant came through with a weedwacker and broke all the trees in half. Now imagine the force of those winds on homes and communities. Many people could not afford to evacuate and will not get the support and assistance they need. So consider donating to an organization to help them out. New Orleans did not get the worst of this storm so consider helping out these other parishes that don't get covered by the news as much because they aren't as romanticized. Here are emergency assistance and mutual aid groups in southeast Louisiana working on Hurricane Ida recovery efforts.


Guess what happens when an entire city has a blackout during the summer? We have to dump out our entire fridges! (and it takes weeks for trash pick up to get back to normal so it stinks too!!).

So, after dumping my fridge for the 3rd time since living here, I'm pulling the trigger on a move. I'm heading to Durham, North Carolina in the next few weeks. Are you out there? Let me know!

It will probably be a few weeks until my next newsletter since I'm taking a little break to recoup my energy as well as move. Catch y'all later gators!

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