Perf tooling survey, mini workshop to build your blog, and color theme builder

Newsletter published on 08 Aug 2021

New post: Web performance tooling #

I was curious what tools other performance engineers were using to measure site speed, so I ran an informal survey.

Here are the results... An Informal Survey of Web Performance Tooling in 2021

New virtual talk: Let's build and deploy your blog already #

For GDG New Orleans, I'll be doing a mini-workshop for folks who've been procrastinating building their blog. :) I'll use Eleventy and Netlify. It's a virtual event, so all are welcome to join! Check out the event page to RSVP.

Nerding out on color #

I think my creative and tech sides combine when it comes to color. Dan Hollick's Twitter thread, Have you ever wondered why the WCAG colour contrast ratio doesn't always seem to work?, was my latest inspiration.

So I've started a new side project to eventually help people create website color palettes. It's built on Preact as I needed it to be very dynamic. Right now, the functionality is similar to other tools, but I want to add these features:

  • Add contrast numbers for WCAG AA and AAA but also a more realistic color difference number as mentioned in that thread (delta-E) - use white, black and a user-inputted text color
  • Make the start and stop colors for grey scale customizable for more hue-shift options
  • Adjust the number of steps
  • Set up query params so palettes can be bookmarked and shared
  • Preview some common web designs with the inputted numbers

Here's the current site. What do you think? What's missing from current tools that you'd like to have?

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