Render-blocking resources post, WebPageTest, and getting better at blogging

Newsletter published on 13 Jul 2021

New post on web performance! #

I'm excited that I just published How to Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources: a Deep Dive. It's a longer-form article that is written more for beginners to web performance. I spent a lot of time trying to depict the critical render path as diagrams - let me know what you think!

WebPageTest Twitch #

WebPageTest has a new Twitch stream! If you ever wanted to get better at performance profiling, Tim Kadlec is great to watch. He's also going live on the Learn With Jason livestream today!

Blog email course #

Because one 7-day email course wasn't enough for me, I also signed up for Monica Lent's Blogging for Devs one. The tagline is "Learn to grow your blog as a developer without an existing audience". I liked it as an overview for improving your blogging capabilities with some SEO tips too. I recommend it! (It's also free.)

After a while, crocodiles. Especially Croki. ♥️

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