Resurgence of RSS, perfnow, Mastodon, and Shopify perf

Newsletter published on 14 Nov 2022

The resurgence of RSS #

With the downfall of Twitter has come a resurgence of the IndieWeb and RSS. My blog has an RSS feed as well as this newsletter. If you're a fan of 11ty, the RSS plugin makes it easier to create a feed of your posts. Does your site have an RSS feed? If so, reply with the link so I can subscribe to it! Amsterdam #

It was wonderful to travel and hang out with people again at This was the first time I got to meet web perf people in person and had a blast. I also met my team, and my boss gave me this cute double decker bus for my LEGO city. I call it the cat bus since it's not minifig scale. 😀🐈

The conference was amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Mastodon thoughts #

I joined Mastodon and have been pleasantly surprised by the high level of engagement within our tech community. I have fewer followers but many more relevant conversations happening all while dialing down the rage cycle. You can find me at

From the Shopify Performance Blog #

We officially launched our new web performance-focused blog at Shopify, Let me know what you think! We plan to build out a lot more content for theme developers and merchants to better understand how they can improve.

Continuing from the last newsletter, the next post I wrote there was about using Liquid to lazy-load images. Of course, the standard caveat is to never lazy load your LCP or important content above the fold.

Random stuff #

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