Retro on Twitter series, AVIF on Cloudinary, and Web Perf Tools

Newsletter published on 19 Jul 2021

New post: a retro on my old Twitter series #

I published a new post, #30DaysOfWebPerf: The Pros and Cons of a Twitter series. It's been a long time coming since I did the series at the end of 2019. Recently I've been contemplating other ideas for delivering serial content in smaller chunks.

I just enabled AVIF on Cloudinary... Wow #

You can already use AVIF on Cloudinary with the picture tag - see How to Adopt AVIF for Images With Cloudinary.

That's cool but I'm lazy. I use a plain img tag and use Cloudinary's f_auto flag to automatically choose the best format. It's great for reducing all your markup. So I signed up for the AVIF f_auto beta (see article on how). It's amazing though there are a few things to be aware of. I started to write them here, then realized this was getting lengthy and I should turn it into a blog post - stay tuned (hopefully) next week!

What are your favorite niche or obscure web performance tools? #

Join the conversation on Twitter! Not on Twitter? Reply to me with your favorites and why. I might turn this into another blog post but it could be huge lol.

Have a nice week, y'all!

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