Serverless e-commerce site livestream recordings and Women of Jamstack

Newsletter published on 14 Mar 2022

Hey folks, times are a bit rough in the world right now. If you need a bit of a distraction, I've got some new content for you...

Building a serverless e-commerce site with Eleventy, Netlify, and Stripe #

All video recordings are now finished for the 3-part series I did with Matthew Ling from Stripe. I had been wanting to build out a shop for my so that I can sell digital downloads. It was a fun little project using Eleventy, Netlify serverless functions, Stripe for payments, AWS for signed URLs, and Sendgrid for emails. And, all of it is free or near free for hosting!

We might make a later series to continue building out a shopping cart and upsells. What would you like to see built? At some point, I hope to write up tutorials for all of this too on the blog. In the meantime, you can check out all three episodes here:

Episode 1: building a product catalog and rendering them #

Episode 2: using serverless functions to start checkout and receive payments #

Episode 3: using webhooks for purchase fulfillment #

Women of Jamstack #

For International Women's Day, I participated in my first Twitter space thanks to Salma Alam-Naylor. She's building a website to celebrate women in this space, and you can add your profile too. We talked about why we love serverless and Jamstack, our favorite tools, and how it's made a difference in our lives. You can still catch the recording if you missed the live event!

That's all I've got for you this week. Stay safe out there!

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