Updated fonts article, syndicate your blog posts, SEO, and Eleventy Meetup

Newsletter published on 08 Jul 2021

Updated post on Google Fonts #

As promised, I've updated my post Making Google Fonts Faster. I added more thoughts on preload and talk about inlining CSS as an alternative to help the browser discover the font faster.

Syndicating posts tip #

For folks aspiring to be Indie Webbers... This week I added more of my posts to Dev. I believe everyone should own their own content - especially if a provider goes down, you don't want to lose all that valuable writing! But you can still cross-post to sites like Dev and Medium. You just have to make sure you set canonical links on your website and on the syndicated posts to both point to your website's version of the article.

Cool stuff by other people #

I just finished this free email SEO course by Justin Borge, and I have to say it's fantastic. It doesn't feel icky at all. And no, this is not an affiliate link. 😂 I feel like freelance web developers should understand at least the basics. Now I feel much more confident in my SEO skills.

Our first Eleventy Meetup is next week! #

Our first email has the calendar links and the website has the full talk details.

Later, gators!

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