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Slides and resources from my talk at JamStack Toronto.

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Webmentions are an exciting standard which help enable the IndieWeb. We can own our own content, hosted on our own domains, without sacrificing social connection and replies with other people!

In this talk, I discuss what webmentions are and how to implement them. The code is based on an Eleventy site, but the concepts should be applicable to any site.

The latest slides can be accessed at projects.sia.codes/webmentions-eleventy-talk/. To advance the slides, use n for next and p for previous. The right arrow jumps to the next section (and left for previous section). Up and down to advance through slides within a section.

Stay tuned here for updates and a possible recording!

Resources #

Follow my In-Depth Tutorial of Webmentions + Eleventy for a step-by-step guide to get started. It includes links to many great resources and prior art.

The slides are built as a live website, so all resource links mentioned are directly clickable.

Are you here for possums and image manipulation? Links to my source images are on the last slide. You can duotone your own varmint photos using Duotone by ShapeFactory.

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