Jamstack store post, woes of CSS, and IE trolling

Newsletter published on 16 May 2022

Serverless Ecommerce Store content - now all in one place! #

Matthew Ling and I did a series of livestreams where we build out a digital download shop using Eleventy, Stripe, Netlify, and more. First it was a meetup talk, then the livestreams, then 3 companion articles. Now you can finally find them all in one place in my new blog post!

Check it out: Building a Serverless E-commerce Store with Stripe, Netlify, & 11ty

The Woes of CSS #

I found an interesting z-index in the wild and a lot of people found it funny:


It was funny because it was so relatable. The planets must have been aligned because the day before I found it, I attended the CSS Cafe meetup where Josh Comeau gave this excellent talk on the hidden/secret fundamentals of CSS which covered this exact issue. He used some great analogies for this and other CSS concepts that will finally stick with me. I hope. 🤞


Trolling IE still gets engagement #

And it's probably time to consider that making your site more accessible could lead to more conversions than making it compatible with IE.


Other great stuff #

  • Cassidy shared a weird neat trick on Twitter to see a calendar in your terminal with the cal command, and to see the full year you can do cal 2022
  • New developments in Core Web Vitals from Google I/O - thread by Phil Walton
  • Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes is an entertaining read about the realness of trying to make a website faster. I particularly liked the second post in the series about streaming HTML and look forward to more from Taylor Hunt.
  • My favorite new Twitter account to follow is cats being weird little guys

That's all for now! I hope to get back on making new content soon so stay tuned!

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